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Move-Table SEGMENT 60°

connectable side: 80 cm of width,
also available with rolls for easy transport

Table Top: shaped in delta form, connectable side: 80 cm, with four table connectors

Frame: 3 feet metal frame made from powder-coated solid steel tubes

Table Heights:
Size 3: 58 cm
Size 4: 64 cm
Size 5: 70 cm
Size 6: 76 cm

These products are available in the following sizes:
Size 4 [Height 64 cm]
Size 5 [Height 70 cm]
Size 6 [Height 76 cm]

Subject to modifications.

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ItemNr.: 1821C leg length 80 cm,

Compact Platte 12 mm

ItemNr.: 1821M leg length 80 cm,

Panel 19 mm melamine

ItemNr.: 1831C leg length 80 cm,
stackable and mobile

Compact Platte 12 mm

ItemNr.: 1831M leg length 80 cm,
stackable and mobile

Panel 19 mm melamine

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