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- with plastic seat shell
- available in colours: yellow, red, orange, green, blue or grey
- optionally available with connectors for other seats

Frame: four-feet frame, made from powder-coated steel pipes.

Gliders: felt gliders (Ø 25 mm), black

Seat Shell:
- available in colours: red, orange, green, yellow, blue or grey
Made from 100% carbon-fiber strengthened polypropylene which makes it extremely durable against scratches. In order to make sitting as comfortable as possible, the seat has been designed in an ergonomic way and has been given a specially tailored backrest, that also allows for users to sit in an inverted position, facing the backrest.

Stockable: up to five chairs

Connectors for other chairs optionally available

Subject to modifications.

Color Selection


Seat shell colors - AGIRO


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ItemNr.: 3220K Size 6 (seat heights 46 cm)

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