Variable team workplaces

Variable team workplaces

The classroom as a dynamic entity.
No matter whether frontal teaching, group work, individual support or homework in the afternoon, this sample classroom is optimally appropriate for a flexible use. All furniture can be rearranged quickly on demand and thereby enhance the physical and intellectual dynamism at school. Learning, playing and communication are important factors in this concept.

Apart from mobile desks and cupboards an interactive school board, two computer workplaces, as well as cosy cushion elements for chilling or team work are available. In order to grant correct sitting for the children at one desk height a part of the chairs is equipped with footrests.

Floor plan

Items list:

1Stk.1887LStand –up Lift Tisch 
1Stk.3291K Agiro Turn UP Drehstuhl 
25Stk.1860Move Table Penta 
15Stk.4620KAgiro Swing Schülerstuhl Gr.6
10Stk.4622K-STAgiro Swing Schülerstuhl Gr.4
1Stk.3828-70Bildschirmtisch 3828-70 2-Sitzer
1Stk.1025 WIBeamer  
1Stk.9102Move – Board Basiselement
2Stk.9105Move – Board Verkettungselement
1Stk.2988 F1Relax 3-Sitzer 
2Stk.9201Schienensystem 5lfm, 3 Schiebetafel
3Stk.3001Penta Polsterhocker 
2Stk.69300Move – Box Fünfeck Niederschrank fahrbar
2Stk.69250Move – Box Hochschrank fahrbar
2Stk.69185Move – Box Niederschrank fahrbar