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Mayr Schulmöbel – School Furniture for modern Learning Environments

Mayr Schulmöbel GmbH have been producing and developing high quality school furniture since 1968. We are the partner of your choice when it comes to complete set-ups for schools and other educational institutions. Be it kitchens, stacking tables or lab furniture, our products are designed for a maximum of durability and functionality.

First Class products that suit the needs of every schoolyards

With a product range of more than 5000 products, all designed and tested for a maximum of suitability for daily use and durability, we are able to provide specially tailored solutions for our customers. All of our products have been designed in accordance with our founder's innovative concept, according to which furniture and equipment ought to adapt to the needs of students, rather than the other way round. It was through this idea of ergonomically designed furniture that our founder, Johann Mayr, was able to draw general attention and recognition all around the country. This idea as well as a number of ground breaking patents have led to a general increase in the standards of school furniture.

School Furniture for a healthy Life – Student Desks, Chairs and much more

Our vast array of products makes the equipping of entire classrooms, all day schools and other educational institutions and rooms easily possible. We are, for example, not only offering student desks that may be adjusted according to the needs of every individual student, but are also able to deliver ergonomically formed chairs as well. However, our array of desks and chairs is not limited to student desks and chairs, but also comprises of multi-purpose desks, different kinds of chairs, blackboards as well as specialised furniture for labs and workshops.

IT Furniture and other specialized furniture

In order to guarantee for an IT education that is up to date, students need to be given an environment that motivates and facilitates learning and working on the computer. With our multimedia and IT solutions for schools and companies we are able to provide concepts that meet exactly these criteria.

However, Mayr Schulmöbel is not only your partner of choice when it comes to IT labs, but we also offer solutions for labs for natural sciences, such as Physics, Biology or Chemistry, as well as furniture for kitchens, lecture halls and libraries.

Why choose Mayr Schulmöbel?:

School Furniture that stands true to what it is promising

As content and satisfied customers are our absolute top priority, we are striving for products of the highest quality. The usage of high quality materials, precise and faithful production and assembling processes, the observing of deadlines as well as a sustainable customer service are among the most important  reasons for our high degree of customer satisfaction.

With more than 45 years of experience we are happy to be at your service and are sure to find and provide the ideal solutions for your institution or business.

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