Learning success is
a question of
correct attitude.

We create the optimal conditions.

The future of health is prevention and starts in childhood.

Ergonomic school furniture and mobile working solutions do not represent a measure of comfort, but are a medical necessity that guarantees health.

Students’ desks and chairs must enhance right, dynamic sitting through their construction. Perfectly adjusted to body heights do they not only prevent damages of attitude, but as a harmonious unity also provide the basis for high concentration and efficient study.

Our strength: Innovative power

As the only supplier Mayr Schulmöbel is certified according to ÖNORM A1650 which regulates the safety and ergonomic requirements for chairs and desks.

With innovative details we guarantee healthy sitting: Thus e.g. our recyclable synthetic seat shell is very stable and break-proof through a smart reinforcement with different glass fibre proportions between the core and membrane. Simultaneously this structure grants high elasticity for a particularly agreeable shift between listening and working position.

Invincible price-durability-relation

Our furniture is tough when it comes to durability and strain and all of it passes the stress tests as required by the ÖNORM A1650.

E.g. the desk model GENIO has patented internal bracings in the desk base which endure the high strain at school. In order to resist extreme attacks our powder coating has a thickness of c. 80 μm and the students’ desktop a 5 mm-thick revolving synthetic edge! The extraordinarily robust performance of our products guarantees an extremely long durability.

Flexible study furniture for all-day schools

Mayr Schulmöbel makes schools fit for all-day operation.

For we consider the whole classroom as a dynamic unity in which furniture can be regrouped rapidly according to specific needs. E.g. the ground plans of the PENTA-series allow manifold combinations. This furniture system enhances physical and intellectual dynamics through its flexible arrangement. In addition our colour concept provides an agreeably fresh atmosphere. In order to quickly create free space the desks and chairs are easily stackable.

Full supplierfor all requirements

With a range of over 6,000 articles we face every challenge and enthuse with optimal solutions. No matter which room shall be furnished, Mayr Schulmöbel is the perfect partner for all areas. Our furniture creates motivating study ambiences. In combination with our mounting service even the equipment of complete schools becomes as easy as childplay!

More than 20 patents and registered designs

Simple but genial – this labels our technical solutions! Since the foundation of the company in 1968 many samples, industrial designs and over 20 patents for technical solutions and processes have been granted.

Simple and cost-effective in maintenance

School furniture by Mayr is designed fair and sustainably. Wear parts such as floor gliders can be reordered cheaply and changed very easily. From complete seating surfaces to the tiniest screw or spring, all spare parts are deliverable for at least 20 years. This spare part warranty prolongs the durability of the school furniture even more.

Domestic production and value added

As the unique Austrian school furniture producer we also put great emphasis on domestic quality in the choice of our suppliers and purchase raw materials and supply parts only at reliable producers from Austria and Germany. 100 % of the production itself takes place on national territory.

Digitally equipped for the future

Mayr Schulmöbel opens the access to new technologies in a practicable way without forgetting proven methods.

The blackboard in the picture e.g. offers high interactivity through a short-distance projector whilst the chalk wings on the sides support classical teaching methods. The optimal equipment for various study concepts.

Individual design

The homemade development and production also enables completely customized manufacturing.

Moreover many of our standard products can be adjusted in their finishing: different variants of school desk shelves which can be totally removed in favour of leg space. Colours and surfaces, seat shells of synthetic or wood – Mayr Schulmöbel impresses with individuality.

What drives us: Ideas with value added

In 1968 the former teacher Johann Mayr founded the enterprise. His idea: School furniture that is adjusted to the height of students and increases concentration and receptivity through an ergonomic sitting posture.

With this approach and trendsetting inventions the founder of the enterprise inspired a rethinking process towards modern standards. And the development is continuing – we as the Austrian market leader ensure this with uncompromising quality, practice-proven, school-suitable innovations and domain-specific counselling competence.

Classroom concepts with experience-based advantage

Functional space concepts are working ambience of teachers and developmental space for students at the same time.

Therefore they deserve our specific focus. Thus experienced project leaders accompany and coordinate planning, installation and project transfer. This way new ideas and valuable experiences flow into the space conception. A comfortable complete solution from one provider enables our full range with more than 6,000 different products.