Innovation and Quality are our claim

Due to our high quality standards, our innovative and customer-oriented development, our professional competence and our reliability, our company, Mayr Schulmöbel, which was founded by Dir. Johann Mayr in 1968, has become the leading Austrian manufacturer for school equipment.

With his innovative and new concept for school furniture, according to which furniture and equipment ought to adapt to the needs of students, rather than the other way round, the founder of our company already drew general attention and recognition all around the country in the company's early days. Ever since then we from Mayr Schulmöbel have been designing and constructing our products with this idea in mind. This principle, as well as a number of ground-breaking patents have led to a general increase in the standards of school furniture.

When planing new projects and designing rooms for our customers we are always making reference to the respective learning and teaching goals and are anxious to include them into our room concepts.

With more than 6000 products already available we are sure to find the right and ideal solution for your needs and will be happy to serve you.

Our confession: Sustainability

As a climate-alliance enterprise we do our best to create our products efficiently and in a CO2-considerate way. Our working climate is also important to us: Because we are only successful as a team.

We care for climate protection

Award Climate Pioneer

Certificate Climate-Alliance Company

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Social Commitment

We are very well aware of our social responsibility and are thus supporters of a number of social projects and NGOs.

Mayr Schulmöbel GmbH is partner of the BBG (the federal procurement of Austria)

In the following areas frame agreements have been taken with the BBG:

  • Scientific school furniture
  • Additional furniture
  • Cupboards and shelves for the school area
  • Desks and chairs for general classes
  • Desks and chairs for flexible forms of teaching

Mayr-Schulmöbel GmbH
is listed in the ANKÖ according to the provisions of the BVergG i.d.g.F.
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Mayr-Schulmöbel GmbH
is listed in the directory of prequalified companies.
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