[Translate to Englisch:] Tische & Stühle mit fixen Höhen

Desks & chairs with fixed heights

Desks & chairs with fixed heights

This sample classroom has two computer workplaces and a cosy sofa for chilling or teamwork apart from handy cupboards and an interactive school board.

The desks and chairs are selected in fixed heights in a cost-saving way. By a specific distribution key the optimal amount of pieces for each suitable size is arranged for every school level. Thus it is guaranteed that the furniture matches the body proportions of the children and thereby enable an ergonomically correct sitting. They thus help spare the intervertebral discs and strengthen the back muscles. Through inclinable desktops the neck is additionally spared and concentration faculties are prolonged enormously.

Floor plan

Items list:

10Stk.40221Schülertisch Genio 2-Sitzer
5Stk.40211Schülertisch Genio 1-Sitzer
25Stk.4620KAgiro Swing Schülersessel
1Stk.3290KPAgiro Turn Lehrerdrehstuhl
1Stk.1250-PST  Flügeltafel
1Stk.1025 WIBeamer
1Stk.3828-70EDV – Tisch 2-Sitzer
2Stk.3290K (K-S)Agiro Turn Schülerdrehstuhl (EDV)
1Stk.2982 F1Relax 2-Sitzer
2Stk.2985 F1Relax Eckteil
1Stk.9201Wandschiensystem 4 lfm.
1Stk.69215MOVE-BOX Hochschrank fahrbar
Schrankwand  A 
2Stk.1050SPinnwand mit Stoffbezug 1,60 lfm.
1Stk.1050STStahlemailtafel weiß
 +APL, Fangleiste und Wandanschlussblende
Schrankwand  B 
1Stk.84150Regal Niederschrank